Shri Sanjay Kakade was born on 29th August 1967 in an ordinary family. His father Late Shri Dattatraya Kakade was a teacher belonging to a Farmer’s family.

Shri Sanjay Kakade along with his family was living in a simple tenament (chawl) of 180 sq. ft. with parents and siblings. His father being a teacher in a Municipal school used to get a salary of Rs. 300 only. Upto his retirement he used to earn only Rs. 2000. The family was raised on a very meager income. Due to family circumstances Shri Sanjay Kakade had to leave his education midway. He started a small business of selling vegetables at Pawale Chowk in Camp Market. In the beginning 5 to 6 months the business was good. He used to wake at 4 a.m. go to the wholesale market at Marketyard buy vegetables and later sell it at the Pawale Chowk, Camp. The rst 6 months being good he suddenly faced a huge loss in the business. Due to which he gave up this business of vegetable selling and started a new business of catering in his seventeenth year. He learnt cooking under the guidance of ‘Acharya’ (Cook) and started this catering business. He was working in a stall opposite Hotel Amir on Karve Road owned by Mr. Sudhir Manke who was also in the Construction Business.

It also happened by chance that his brother Shri Suryakant Kakade was working in the construction business. He had an ofce of 200 sq. ft. in 1987 next to the Hotel Amir. Shri Suryakant Kakade had collected a capital of Rs. 25000 from the “ Sanjay Gandhi Yojana” from which he purchased a chawl in Chinchwad area started the development in the chawl there. Shri Sanjay Kakade’s nancial condition was such that he had a pav bhaji stall and catering business next to his elder brother’s ofce. Such was the irony of fate.

Shri Sanjay Kakade feels that his elder brother Shri Suryakant Kakade had a foresight about the construction business and felt that it was important that more family members should support him in the construction business. Thus Shri Suryakant Kakade called upon Shri Sanjay Kakade to work on the site in his construction business. Shri Sanjay Kakade agreed as he had a liking for the business. During that time Shri Sanjay Kakade was staying in a 200 sq. ft. single room in Lane No. 3 at Karvenagar where there were no indoor washrooms.

He had to travel a long distance of 25 kms from Karvenagar to Chinchwad in the Public bus to reach to his work place. It took him one and a half hour and he had to change 2 buses in his travel course. So in this way Shri Sanjay Kakade with the help of Shri Suryakant Kakade entered into this eld of business.

Since childhood Shri Sanjay Kakade’s mother boosted his condence by saying that he being the youngest child in the family, he would enter into the business world and make a big name for himself. It was because of his mother’s con- dence that Shri Sanjay Kakade got inspiration to enter into the world of business and make his mother proud of him.

His journey from 1986 to 2011 from a 180 sq. ft. room to a 20000 sq. ft. palatial home and a 20000 sq. ft. ofce premises and also a lot of construction work bookings amounts to almost Rs. 10000 crores of projects on hand. This never ending journey of 25 years of Shri Sanjay Kakade is still on an increasing pace.

The Sanjay Kakade Group consisting of 19 active companies is spread into the elds of real estate, infrastructure, education, hospitals, mining, and the list is endless. He started his independent business from the year 2002. Behind his success there is the blessing of his mother and the endless support of his wife and entire family which is noteworthy. He worked day and night and returned late at home in his initial struggle period but his wife was understanding and never complained and supported her husband.

Behind his success many of his old friends, colleagues from the ofce and many banks like Rupee Co-op. Bank & HDFC have shared a helping hand . He also faced many problems in this 25 years from the competitors of his eld and many other obstacles as well.

Like it is said ‘Rome was not built in a day’ similarly the success of Shri. Sanjay Kakade was not achieved in a short span of time. There were many problems, obstacles and hurdles which he faced and successfully overcame. Even today the struggle is still on but blessings of his parents are always with him.

Today Shri. Sanjay Kakade owns a big empire & many companies working under his group still he has to face several problems which he is aware of and this has kept him humble and grounded.

His journey from a 180 sq. ft. room to his 20,000 sq.ft. Palatial house as well as his journey from starting a vegetable business with a meager capital of Rs.50 till building an empire of approximately Rs. 10000 Crores is an exemplary one.

Shri. Sanjay Kakade quotes, “I would not like everyone to know how much struggle I went through or what sacrices me and my family made but I want to inspire the young entrepreneurs to live their dreams and not be afraid of the hardships of life.”

Shri Sanjay Kakade also says, “My mother’s blessings are always with me in my success.” and “The lions share in my success belongs to my wife.”

Whatever work is given to him he believes in working towards it with full conviction and commitment.

Mr. Sanjay Dattatraya Kakade

Mr. Sanjay Kakade is a well known name in the world of construction business in cities like Pune and Mumbai and also in rest of Maharashtra. His journey from rags to riches is an exemplary one.

Mr. Sanjay Kakade is the Founder Promoter of the Kakade Group of Companies and a well known property developer and builder of Pune. A successful businessman, who started his career in the construction and real estate, and he is now spreading his wings in the eld of Mines, Major Infrastructure projects and Hospitals in Maharashtra.

The company has plan to develop entire project into various phases comprises of Apartments, Twin Bungalows, Bungalows and Commercial having total saleable area of 20.56 million sq. ft. The company is planning to develop residential project in Phase I, II & III comprises of total saleable area of 3954240 sq. ft. As per proposed plan, the company is coming with 14 residential towers comprise of 2 BHK & 3 BHK flat configuration. The company has received LOI (Letter of Intent) for 110 acres of land and planning to start development of Phase I by October 2019.

His entry into the blooming eld of infrastructure, healthcare and wellness proves his farsightedness and excellent vision.

His feet rmly on the ground, he aims for the sky.

Social Profile

Mr. Sanjay Kakade is a leading member of Pune’s Builder’s Association. He is also the director of Pune’s Zilla Shiksha Mandal. He has always gone out of his way to help social and charitable organizations whenever called upon.

In the Sports eld also any promising sportsperson is helped by Mr. Sanjay Kakade. One of the International level swimmer “Omkar Ganbote” from Pune has been given monetary help by him for his education and sports career.

Mr. Sanjay Kakade is the Chairman of the “Pune District Premier League” and he also has his own Pune District level cricket team named “Baramati Powers” to which he donates generously.

His entry into the blooming eld of infrastructure, healthcare and wellness proves his farsightedness and excellent vision.

He has a great hand in the success of the recently held function presided by the Nobel Prize Winner “Dalai Lama” in Pune organized by the ‘Tej Gyaan Foundation’.