Sanjay Kakade Group the Front-Runner in Taking India's Growth to New Heights

To sustain a GOP growth of 9%, Indian infrastructure needs to improve and be developed with a long-term vision. The spiralling demand for high quality infrastructure, real estate and health care services are being met by the introduction of private partnerships with the government that help leverage budgetary resources and undertake large scale development. India has traditionally spent 4-5% of GOP on infrastructure and the target IS for this to be doubled in the 12th five-year plan.

With an ever-increasing crunch on resources, the Sanjay Kakade Group has realised the need of the hour. Access to clean water; quality healthcare and judicious city planning and development will be areas of major concern in the near future. The SKG lead by the dynamic visionary Mr. Sanjay Kakade has taken on these issues as tomorrow's opportunities realised today. The group constantly endeavours to give everyone from every walk of life a better future on this planet by focusing on quality real estate, infrastructure and healthcare.

Decoding Blueprints into Construction Realities

Over the last two decades, the Sanjay Kakade Group has emerged as a vital Indian force. It has risen to be one of the most progressive and multi-faceted real estate and construction entities in the country. The constant underlying commitment of 'Building a better Earth' is evident in almost every project the group has been and is associated with. Our portfolio of projects includes several transformations of barren tracts of land into landscaped green bells housing world class commercial, residential and recreational properties. With a focus to improving the quality of life, the group has actively diversified into new ventures in health care, retail, education and infrastructure development.

We take pride in the fact that our solutions exceed our client's expectations. Our strength lies in our expertise and our ability to deliver ideas and innovations that help drive growth. We build not just quality structures but relationships to last.

The vision has always been to:

  • Deliver the highest level of quality service at market competitive prices.
  • To be a company that offers only the best across its team, ideas, services and infrastructure.
  • To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our dealings with all associates and clients.

Mapping the


Vision, planning and implementation over the last twenty years have been the building blocks upon which the extremely talented entrepreneur, Mr. Sanjay Kakade has built the group to the enviable position it enjoys today. Currently SKG has order books for infrastructure projects worth Rs. 8,000 crores; project costs for hospitals worth Rs. 1,100 crores and real estate spanning a total of 20 million sqft. Mapping the Genetics of Success Infrastructure 2008 With a firm grounding in construction and real estate that began in 1986, Mr. Sanjay Kakade established his independent business in 2002. The underlying corporate values of reliability, strength, vision for a better future and the building of long-lasting relationships with partners, associates and clients has been a constant through every project undertaken.

Deonar Waste Management

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has awarded the group in partnership with KIPL and UPL the solid waste management contract for the Deonar Dumping ground approximately 132 hectares. The Rs. 3800 crore project which started in 2009 has a concession period of 25 years and involves partial closure and maintenance of the existing dump site and design, engineering, operation and maintenance of integrated waste management facilities on the DBOOT basis.

Infrastructure -


The Sanjay Kakade Group is one of the premier infrastructure solutions providers in the country. Geared as a single point provider, the company is positioned to design, create, install and operate projects within the stipulated time frame. Use of the most current technology allows for ease of function with complex processes and fluid project execution. The company employs skilled manpower to operate its highly sophisticated construction, earth moving and levelling equipment like excavators, rollers, crushers, mixers, presses, compacters, broomers and pavers. Advanced logistics in addition to access to the best equipment ensures effective and timely execution of civil, engineering and other projects of varied scale across the country.

In a city that keeps testing the limits of its resources, to avoid wastage and contamination of water, the old over ground steel pipelines are being replaced by underground concrete cement tunnels. The project awarded in 2009 in partnership with IVRCL, will see the Tansa mains replacement of old water pipelines. The Rs. 421 crore project spans an expanse of 16 kilometres.

he Rs. 631 crore projects awarded in 2009 with partners [HETAS and UNITY is a work in progress towards the supply, installation and maintenance of AMR water meters in the western and eastern suburbs of Mumbai.

This project awarded in 2009 is for one of the deepest raw drinking water tunnels in Asia that will step up to meet the demands of a growing population of a city estimated to reach 16 million by 2021. The project in conjunction with IVRCL and UNITY is work in progress on a 8.30 kilometre tunnel between Kapurbawadi and Bhandup in Mumbai. The total cost of construction is estimated at Rs. 1150 crores.

Under BOT project, SKG in partnership with SPML have been awarded in 2012 the management of water supply for the city of Aurangabad. The water demand in this area is 400 MLO and to ensure that future generations have access to free flowing water, the project will handle myriad aspects such as irrigation networks, hydrology, reservoirs, canals, storage facilities and distribution, water treatment, sludge and filter backwash recovery, sludge treatment, pipelines, intake water structures, pipeline distribution and the entire civil work involved in this assignment.

It's In Our Genes to


The Earth is covered by almost 70% of water of which only 3% is fresh water. Never before has there been as much concern about the alarming rate at which water resources across the globe are depleting due to natural forces and human activity. There is a dire need to better manage and protect this precious resource. The SKG has taken on the task to ensure that water is managed efficiently by venturing into scientific and better water management technologies.

Health Care - Validating the Right to Wellness

Towards bridging the gaps that exist in the current healthcare facilities scenario, SKG has ventured into the healthcare segment. The initial impetus is on the creation of a hospital chain that will across the six centres offer 2,500 beds. SKG will invest approximately Rs. 1100 era res to construct these multi-speciality hospitals. Apollo Hospitals will partner with the Group in managing and operating the facilities that include highly specialised medical, surgical and diagnostic services with the latest technology. The Apollo branded, SKG hospitals will also provide primary care with emergency sections, out-patient and in-patient facilities, operating theatres, pharmacy, laboratory and canteen.

The Helix for a Better World via Corporate Social Responsibility

USK Ventures, a part of the Sanjay Kakade Group, with Mrs. Kakade at the helm has always stood for those who are less fortunate. The group takes active interest in education, health, sport and women' empowerment and through the tireless work by the USK Foundation assists the needy and underprivileged. USK Ventures is associated with Concern India Foundation and is actively involved with Shikshangram Children's home in Lonavala.

The Sanjay Kakade Group has realised that Corporate Social Responsibility i: about improving the way the business responds to all those it associates with. This includes clients, employee: contractors, suppliers, local communities, government regulators, partners and a: sociates. The impact of the construction industry on: society is huge. The way people live, interact and work i: shaped largely by the way their environment is designed and developed.

The SKG endeavours to carry out all projects in a responsible manner that includes designing functional and aesthetic spaces that make life easier and enjoyable while giving to society an environment that has the concerns of the future in its plan that will enable people to identify deeply with their home, neighbourhood, town or city.


The Sanjay Kakade Group has realised that Indian infrastructure needs to improve and be developed with a long-term vision. With an ever-increasing crunch on resources, access to clean water; quality healthcare and judicious: city planning and development will be area: of major concern in the near future.

SKG has taken on this issue: with a vision to improve the quality of life by focusing on practice: in infrastructure development such as green technologies and efficient water management; better healthcare facilities that will match the burgeoning requirement in the sector; education that provides quality standards accessible to everyone; and never seen before, international quality real estate options.

It's in our DNA to build a better world. With this philosophy as our beacon, our vision is to further the SKG market share and make a distinct mark on India's growth story.